September 25th, 2014

As a fan of baseball, today was one of those days that we can tell our grandkids about… Today was the last day Derek Jeter played shortstop for the Yankees. And in typical “Jeterian” fashion, he created an indelible memory that makes the Jeter legend even greater… A game winning hit in his last at bat at New Yankee Stadium…

I can’t honestly say I was a Derek Jeter fan, but without question, I respected the hell out of the man. He played baseball the right way; he made all the RIGHT plays and despite his limitations later in his career, he did whatever it took to win. Despite playing in the biggest fishbowl (New York) he managed to stay out of the tabloids and maintained infallibility during the steriod era despite many of his contemporaties and even teammates (ahem, Alex “Roid”riguez) either admitting guilt or being found using PEDs.

A lot of talk has been made recently via local and national sports talk radio about how good Derek Jeter was. I don’t think is in the pantheon of Hank Aarons, Babe Ruths, or Ted Williams of the baseball world… Not top 50… maybe not even top 100 of all time… But honestly, when you’re talking about over a hundred years of history, you can’t say it’s a slap in the face to say that. Perhaps he’s in the top 10 all time of shortstops… and arguably in the top 10 of Yankee greats. Did he deserve all of the hoopla and sentiment? I think so… He was this generation’s ambassador to baseball… the transition from the great Cal Ripken and the 80’s generation to the 90’s. He seemed like a genuinely good guy.

Who will pick up the mantle and fill the shoes that Derek Jeter leaves vacant?

For me, I think it will be Mike Trout. He seems to have the deference to the games and the greats that preceded him and seems to understand what it takes to be great. Well, I guess we’ll find out…

That Nike commercial kinda sums it up best for me

September 8th, 2014

I’m back on the blog today… It was a slow day at the office, so I was able to listen to some ESPNradio1420. And honestly, I picked a pretty crazy sports news day to listen!

So there was the Ray Rice indefinite suspension. 100% warranted, no question… That penalty should have been levied from the jump. Domestic violence is reprehensible and there should be zero tolerance for it in any and every profession. I guess now, what the issue is, is the NLF’s handling of the situation, with the onus primarily on commissioner Roger Goddell.

So I was listening to Josh Pacheco on the radio this morning. I think he tried to be inflammatory and stir the pot like a Colin Cowherd, but whenever I listen to him, I don’t feel his conviction or any gravitas… It just seems like he enjoys hearing the sound of his voice. But I digress. Today, when discussing the Ray Rice situation, he felt that Roger Goddell should be removed immediately from his office as the commissioner. I believe if he executed a cover up of this “new video” and there is ACTUAL proof, then he should be removed. But honestly, as the public we “like the sausage, but we don’t wanna know how it’s made”… meaning, we probably do know there was some level of cover up, but we as the public will not REALLY wanna do something about it. We’re not going to boycott the NFL if we really find out Goddell was complicit, are we? I don’t know… If we the people are so against “bad people” in the NFL or any professional sports… or movie stars for that matter, there would be very few people and players we could root for…

So that was one big story… the other was that former University of Hawaii head coach June Jones had stepped down from SMU. They’ve been doing pretty bad this season, but this somewhat came as a surprise to the people there and enlivened debate of him returning to Hawaii.

I would like Hawaii’s football program to return to its prominence of the Colt Brennan years. (FYI, it was cool seeing him on that KISS arena football show… sucks that he couldn’t play, because it looked like he would have been the face of the franchise.) I don’t think that June Jones returning would bring about immediate success and I’m pretty sure it would come at a hefty pricetag as well. I don’t think Norm Chow has done the best job as head coach (and perhaps he was never head coach material to begin with), but I think they’re ok with the talent available to him; it’s his system that never jived with the players. I think he’s begun to transition his scheme to the players, but I doubt he is still around to see it fully implemented.

The way it seems to me, June Jones is probably burnt out from the SMU job, thanks to a large contract, equally large expectations, and probably constant scrutiny from those super critical Texas types. When he comes back here… He’ll have a large contract (maybe the highest paid state worker again), large expectations, and incessant scrutiny as well. I think that Norm Chow has a couple years left, and perhaps he finishes out the contract, so maybe the timeline will work out.

I personally think that Hawaii needs new blood to revitalize the program and rejuvenate the interest of the fans. I think that Nick Rolovich would make the best candidate for a future head coach of Hawaii. He’s become an established offensive coordinator with Nevada whose paid his dues and he knows the June Jones system but is still relavent and probably has new, ingenius tweaks to said system. And I’m pretty sure, he’ll come at a cheaper price tag… at least in the beginning! But that’s just me talking out of my ass…

So yeah… this is what happens when I don’t do anything at my office all day… brain just goes… But then, I came to this idea, since this should be a “massage blog”… all you new clients out there who have read this far, if you mention that you read my blog, you get your first one hour massage for $40. Let me repeat
NEW CLIENTS who read my blog get their forst one hour massage for $40!!!

Woohoo!!!! Massages!!!

September 7th, 2014

Football season is here!!!

I’m not what you’d call a super, uber football fan, but as a fantasy football player, I am burdened with the responsibility of knowing a lot about players, statistics, and anything and everything else necessary to get an edge on my friends/opposition. And as an Oregon State alum, I cheer for my football team as well… especially when they come down here to play Hawaii! Ok, well, I’m not so much an Iolani football supporter, but I know they’re Division II… so yeah, whatever!

But anyways, I was able to head to the game yesterday and needless to say, I had a great time! I was able to see a couple of old friends over there as well as making a couple of new friends here and there too!!! It was a good game… a little close for my taste at the end, but I was pretty confident everything was in control. The next time Hawaii will play Oregon State will be in 2019 and 2021, so I really did need to see this one! I hope to make it to other Hawaii games (where I WILL be cheering for Hawaii) and I do hope that people continue to support the UH football team. They’re 0-2 on the season, but UW and Oregon State are solid teams and UH has acquitted themselves pretty well.

I had a pretty busy weekend in addition to attending the game. I went to two birthday parties, one of my classmates and one for a one year old. I really did have trouble finding a gift for a one year old… what do they need really!??! And lucky for me, I’ll have another one to go to next Sunday as well! I had fun at the baby party though because they had shaved ice… and really, on this hot a day, who wouldn’t love shaved ice!!!

Anyways, good weekend, as usual always much too short, but back to work, right?

Oh yeah, also check out one of my client’s blogs http
// He is an ultra marathoner and blogger! Check it out!

September 1st, 2014

Happy Labor Day everyone… for those (like myself) that weren’t able to get the day off due to work… big shout outs to you all!!!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I hadn’t updated the blog for almost a month. No real good excuse about it other than I was lazy and on occasion busy with work…. or out having fun with my friends!!! One of my friends that I hung out with this past month, I hadn’t seen in probably almost 10 years… it was good to see him and catch up!

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had various athletes come in… a Spartan Race warrior, a few long distance paddlers, and a distance/trail runner. I think they’ve had varying levels of success pre and or post massage, so I’m glad I could do what I could help them with whatever they needed. It’s always fun to pick their brains on their motivations to participate in what I consider “crazy ass” activities. Some of it is to stay in shape as they get older, others just want to check it off their bucket lists, and some just do it because they like to do it! I definitely give them credit because after some weekends of just softball, I am wiped out!!!

So yes, September has rolled around and that means the start of football… college, the NFL, but mainly for me fantasy football! I’ve done more than my share of mock drafts and live ones… both standard and auction… Honestly, I’m ready for the actual season to start and have all this prognostication and predictions to end!

Also, FYI for anyone wanting to set up an appointment with me on Saturday. I will probably be out of the office around 2 to go to the Oregon State vs. Hawaii game. Yes, Hawaii gave all UW they could handle this past weekend, so I’m hoping for a decent game with my Beavers coming away with a comfortable victory!!!