August 8th, 2014

Well Hurricane Iselle is here… and apparently it bought in a LOT of inconsiderate people!!!

I’m sure a lot of you saw the price gouging when it came to water… that’s not cool at all!!! But on the flip side, a lot of the consumers have manipulated the truths… Like if you buy a case of the BIGGER bottled water or the fancy stuff, it WILL be more expensive… Pretty everywhere I went recently, the water is still the same price… it may not be on sale, but it’s not like $30 a case!!! Because seriously, in Hawaii, those businesses would be screwed by public opinion and driven out of business!!!

But unlike many of you, I went into work today… not because I wanted to, but because clients INSISTED on coming in, knowing full well that the storm was coming. Yesterday, I offered to reschedule their appointments, but again, they INSISTED. The most comical (and possibly stupidest) resaon for aving to come in is because their voucher was going to expire. So I obliged them and told them I would come in.

So this morning I did. No traffic on the roads, no line at the costco gas station… only Longs was open in Pearlridge (the entire mall was closed). I opened up my office and waited. at 10am, I get the call from my 11am client to see if I was in the office. And then she said she would be coming in. At the same time, my 12pm decided to cancel. Then at 1030am, my 11 decided to say that she cant come in.

The “yelp” perspective of my is that I’m rude, uncaring, and a “horrible asshole” (from that other text)… but I think I went above and beyond to accomodate these clients, and what do I get in return…


The didn’t care about my safety, they only care about their agendas… THEIR VOUCHER, THEIR MASSAGE, THEIR SAFETY… what about me? They didn’t care that I had to come in and leave my family, (had they come in) that I would have to provide them a good massage, and then I would have to drive home after they left. All they offer is a “ok, sorry”…. and the public still won’t realize that I’m NOT an asshole or rude or inconsiderate…

Julio is right behind Iselle, so I expect more of the same in the not too distant future… Sad to say…

August 3, 2014

Say goodbye to July and say hello to August!!!

The kids are starting to go back to school and well for me… it’s the same as it’s always been for the rest of the year… Hopefully there will be less traffic AFTER the typical rush hour traffic. I still can’t see why there’s so much traffic ALL THE TIME!!!

Anyways, it’s been kind of the usual at the office. This past weekend though, I was able to play in the annual alumni softball tournament at CORP. Unfortunately, Iolani didn’t do as well as we’ve been placing in recent history, but it was fun nonetheless. Also I heard that Iolani put on their Touch of Iolani with food and alcohol vendors showing off their wares on campus. Some of my friends were in charge of the food and I heard that it went very well, so good for them!

Lots of random news stories like the chancellor of the University of Hawaii being fired or something… I don’t know, but there’s something very, very wrong with the higher ups at UH… from this debacle, to the “Stevie Wonder” blunder, to the termination of the football coaches, the horrible idea of downsizing to a tiny staduim, something is wrong there and needs to be fixed before it all just goes really bad…

Football season is back though and I for one am looking forward to doing some of my annual drafts!!! Plus it will stop me from playing 2048… that game is so stupidly addictive… and I am SO close to winning it!!!

Anyways, hope you all have a great week… but come in for a massage!