Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients…

Both Aran and Rolando work very hard to find the right technique to relieve pain and tension. And that is what a good massage is all about. The facility is clean and well provided. The overall atmosphere is not fake and not clinical. It feels like a visit a visit to a trusted member of your family – who happens to be able to give you the best massage around. You can call the shots, be as open or not as you wish and always find respect and concern. Recommend them? Only if you aren’t going to take my time slot! Just kidding – get an appointment today – you will start feeling better just with anticipation…. I can only add that the more I go, the better I feel, and the more impressed I become with the professionalism and skill found at Ka Hale Ola Massage.

Gary P

Ka Hale Ola Massage is a great place to go if you want to get a massage. I’ve been to other places and none compares. I specifically have a lot of shoulder issues and the other places can’t even touch this place when it comes to this. He definitely knows where all the “trigger” points are and does a great job! The pain normally comes back and hour later with other places but the pain “stays” away after Aran works on it.

Aran is great massage therapist and is great person to know. It’s definitely nice to be able to “text” your massage therapist with questions and for appointments.

If you aren’t satisfied after going there, you don’t appreciate good massage!


been going to ka hale ola (specifically rolando) for some time now and i have to say i love how he reads the energy from my body and responds to it uniquely each time; seriously, his strokes are not mechanical and formulaic like some places.

there are times i need work on a particular area, other times i go just for the relaxation and maintenance…and at $50 per hour, it’s a totally reasonable expense that doesn’t leave my (public school teacher) budget with a gaping hole at the end of the month!!

i highly recommend ka hale ola if you are looking for an affordable therapist you can get in touch with by phone, email or even text message, come to know personally and become comfortable with.

Dennis T

I am here to say that Ka Hale Ola Massage Therapy is the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time. I met Aran at of all places, a nightclub, almost a year ago. I remember having had one of my really awful headaches, similar to a migraine, but according to my doctor, was not. Prescription medication did not work at all. So, as I stood there thinking I would have a miserable night, I thought, “Why not?” At the time I was faithfully seeing another therapist. Within the first few minutes I knew I had found myself a new and better therapist. I don’t think my previous therapist was too happy about that. Thanks to Aran I had fun that night and after consistently having sessions, my headaches are far and few between. Not only are his prices very reasonable, but Aran knows how to treat a client. He is very attentive to my needs, courteous, and always makes certain I am okay. I have been to MANY therapists and majority massaged how they wanted to, not how I wanted, as well as appearing to “just be doing their job.” I’ve never felt uncomfortable and always get the sense that Aran really does care. He takes pride in his work and I am proud to be a client and recommend people to Ka Hale Ola Massage Therapy. Thank you Aran!!! You are the best!


Aran is a fantastic therapist, a traditional Hawaiian with all the aloha and lomi lomi skill of the old days. He is a great guy who makes sure you feel comfortable and at ease in his Hale. Trustworthy and solid as an Eagle Scout, Aran does excellent massages, squeaky clean image and will take the extra time to make sure you get your trouble spots all worked out. Good vibe, great price, comfortable, clean place, both I and my wife had regular massages at Ka Hale Ola, because Aran is da man! Once, as a special treat, I even paid out of _my own pocket_ for Aran and his partner to give massages to my stressed out employees at the office. They all loved it and never forgot “massage day” with Ka Hale Ola and Aran’s “magic hands.” Talk to Aran about a special office massage package for your loyal workers! Support your local Hawaiian!

Lance F & Lisa N

I am a registered nurse and massage therapist myself, and I get a massage from Aran once a month as a part of my personal self-care. I highly recommend Aran because of his expertise in pressure points and treatment of specific area, including neck, back and legs. My posture and overall well being has improved with his monthly massage. After a treatment, I tell Aran: “I feel refreshed, and invigorated, ready to meet the demands of my grandchildren!” Thanks,


I appreciate that Aran works with me to find the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs while still making the massage a relaxing experience. The benefits of his massages extend into my day-to-day wellness because Aran understands what’s going on with my muscles and joints. Aran has a great sense of knowledge and I like the energy he brings to the massage. Take Care,


As a bodyworker myself, I know the importance of taking care of me. I go to Aran regularly for massage. I like the way he works on my neck and shoulders…aah…and my hamstrings…oh…and the QL! He finds the right spot! When I massage my clients I think they’re so lucky to be receiving a massage. It’s nice to be on the other end. Massage therapists need massage too. Aran gives a good massage, his rates are reasonable, and his location near Pearlridge is convenient. There’s no excuse to put off getting a massage.

Jonny Willing

I just wanted to take a moment to let every know about Ka Hale Ola Massage. I was first introduced because I was working in same American Savings Building. Aran and his staff came down with friendly introductions and offered a free 15min introductory massage. Ever since that massage, I have been hooked. But it is not just because of the massage…cause we all know what it is like to get a good massage…but have you ever had an exceptional one? One where you can feel comfortable to tell the Massage Therapist just what level of pressure to use and never have to redirect again? Or have you had an amazing massage where the individual was friendly and carried on a great conversation or was respectful to let you relax in silence? Well I have had several wonderful massages here and look forward to many more. Ka Hale Ola Massage has been such a great find for me and hope that you get a chance to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience as well. Mahalos to Aran and his Staff,


Mahalo Aran! The location is really convenient – free parking and lots of it! Thank you for fitting me in on short notices, as my work schedule can be unpredictable – you have been very accommodating. The sessions are always professional and personalized. How personalized? Regular clients have their own music playlist that plays during the massage session – impressive!

I always tell my patients about monitoring their stress levels and finding coping methods. Otherwise it may lead to bigger problems both emotionally and physically. So by following my own words of advice, I come in for a session at least once a month to “de-stress” myself. I also enjoy some of the discussions that we have during the sessions. Topics range from work, the economy, current events, but most of the time we end up talking about TV shows and movies. Ok, yes Aran – Battlestar Galactica is cool.


My testimony on how massage therapy improved my health tremendously. For the past two years my health has been deteriorating to days that have caused me so much pain to walk for more than thirty minutes, or sit for more than an hour. I had a bone scan done found that I have lumbar osteoporosis, left hip osteopenia and trigger point fingers on my left and right hand. I had three trigger point surgeries. I take over the counter calcium 500 plus vitamin D, multivitamins and I do not take any prescribe medications. I tried what the doctor prescribed and my health got worse to where I could not walk and it took me about a month to recover. From that point on my health deteriorated to difficult with walking, swelling of the upper and lower joints causing everyday chores to be painful. Some days the pain has been so intense that I did nothing and took a lot of Aleve and Tylenol Arthritis. This is my third week of massage and I am amazed because I can do a lot more with less pain. My gait is steady and I do not have that wobbly feeling. I have notice that the more I move around, the pain is less. I will continue to have aches and pains; however, I can decrease this and improve my aging process with massage. Massage for me address every inch of pain issues that I have. Using alternative natural health care is a benefit for those who do not want to take prescribed medicine, or can not afford health care insurance. Thank you Aran for the great massages and having the patience to listen to all the physical complaints and aliments one has. Mahalo,

A. Taniguchi

thanks aran…..I feel great…..I really noticed a difference in the gym, loose and relaxed versus tight….especially lifting weights,


Hi Aran, Thank you for the massage. Your one session really helped me to relax and I haven’t had any pain ever since. I will definitely refer my friends to you. Mahalo for the follow-up and take care.


Hey Aran: Thanks very much for the massage on Friday. I really, really, really needed it. I had the headache of a lifetime and you made me feel so much better! Thank you soooo much.


Aloha, Aran You did great work! I couldn’t believe how much better I felt that day after you worked on my back. Mahalo nui loa!