June 20th, 2016

Hey everyone, I’m back… this time, it wasn’t (really) my fault. I couldn’t get onto the webpage editor… So sorry, but I’m back…

I’ve been meaning to blog recently because of the passing of many huge legends of our era. In recent weeks/months we’ve had many losses some lesser known, but impactful people like Chyna, Christina Grimmie, and Anton Yelchin… and then some big name greats like Alan Rickman, Prince, Gordie Howe, and Muhammed Ali. And then there was the shooting in Orlando… It’s been a crazy year and it’s only June…And then I heard one of my softball friend’s mom passes away recently as well… It’s caused me pause and just reflect on all of these things. Life is short and we gotta make the most of the time that we have… cliche as that sounds, it’s true.

That being said, congratulations to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in their victory over Golden State for the NBA Championship. It’s hard to imagine being one man to bring so much joy to one city… and to predict it no less… or at least calling his shot when he returned. Very few in this world have lived up to the hype like LeBron.

New client deal is still running,… one hour massages with me are still $40.