June 29, 2014

I really have been slacking on the blog recently… for that I apologize. But honestly, I’ve had good (ok, decent) reason…

Well, for one, I had a birthday… I celebrated it by trying to do all the things I wanted to do that day! One of the things I did want to do was work, which I gladly did, much to the surprise of some of my clients. Unfortunately, one prospective client started my day of celebrating by completely flaking with a no show and no call… so awesome. If they had cancelled that day, I would have been able to head out to town to watch a few innings of the Campbell American Legion baseball team… But oh well, we moved on…

The rest of my birthday was generally good. I got to spend some time with my softball peeps at CORP. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to play, but no big deal… and then later that night, I got to hang out with my Iolani friends. Good news, that was fun, but bad news, I locked my keys in my car. Fortunately, with some quick thinking, I was able to get my keys from home with the help of my friends.

This past week, I helped the Riptide under 14 softball team in their state tournament. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get to championship Sunday, but I hope they learned something about themselves and where they need to be when this time next year comes around. They will be going to Maui for another tournament (I won’t be accompanying them on that one) so there will be more preparation for that in the next couple of weeks.

Oh, I have a question for all of you who read this… If you gave a gift certificate to a restaurant or any other store to a friend, do you expect that establishment to call your friend to set up the reservation or to pick up an item? Just curious… I guess I shall be waiting for Haleiwa Joe’s to be calling me soon!

Well, June is just about over, as is this post… See you in July!

June 15, 2014

HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY to all you dad out there working hard to be good, responsible role models!!! Good job!!!

Since the passing of my dad, I don’t really “celebrate” fathers day… My “observation” of it is to just kind of enjoy the day… So today, I was able to do a massage, then grab a chocolate milk tea from “Coffee or Tea” at Pearl Kai (new place, I’m sure they don’t need to the publicity, but it’s a cool alternative to the Starbucks), watch X-Men
Days of Future Past (good movie, lots of cool nods back to the previous X-Men movies and a solid set up to the upcoming movie), and then eat at La Tour Cafe (I tried the chicken sausage bahn mi… winner!!!). Not so conventional, but still pretty cool. We did observe Fathers’ Day with my grandpa at Tsukiji Restaurant… I was not so impressed with the food, ambience, or service in general; too loud, not so family friendly, and overall a bad choice for large group meals.

As the day wrapped up, I saw something on facebook that made me stop and think. One of my best friends is gonna have a baby soon. Exciting news, definitely, but for some reason, the baby mama likes to affectionally like to call the baby “Malakapoopoo”. According to her, it’s a term of affection and a dig at “the people from Hawaii that give their kids super long middle names”. I don’t consider myself as overly cultural sensitive, but for some weird reason, her using that name really bothers me… as you can see with me writing about it!!!

I decided to look up what malaka means in Hawaiian… according to the wehewehe.org website, it means mullato, having one white parent and one black parent… the term itself is slightly derogatory…. In Greek, its a slang meaning wanker. Poo poo on the otherhand means poop. My friend is part native Hawaiian while his fiance is not, she is of a Hispanic decent. Maybe I would find more humor if she was trying to dig on her own Spanish language as opposed to one she knows nothing about. I’m pretty sure calling the kid “mulatokaka” would piss her off… or maybe she would think it’s funny, I don’t know.

But anyway, here’s to my friend and the rest of the dad’s out there!!!

June 1, 2014

Alright, alright… we’ve reached June already… 2014 is definitely flying by and I have no idea where all the time goes. It was a pretty busy week at the office and oh yeah, there was that bank robbery downstairs in the American Savings Bank. Needless to say, I was blissfully ignorant of anything happening down at the bank because I was just wrapping up a massage session. Thankfully everyone was ok! Hopefully they catch those two guys and whoever else is helping them because honestly, it’s just not cool!

Aside from work, I was out and about this weekend. I was able to attend the Nijikai event for the Hawaii Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce. Lots of food and drinks and I saw a lot of random people I didn’t expect to see there so that was an added bonus. And then Saturday, we helped Nocturna Lounge celebrate their third anniversary! And again, I was able to see some of my fellow Oregon State alum I hadn’t seen since I left Corvallis in ’99… ish.

So yeah, a good, fun start to June… let’s keep the fun going!