November 20, 2016


FYI for all of you readers out there, I will be in the office on Thanksgiving Day in the MORNING. If you would also like to schedule an appointment on Friday, call ahead. Parking is pretty wonky that day, so be prepared. I will be in regularly on Saturday, so just make appointments as usual.

November 8th, 2016

We are ushering in a whole, new world today…

DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT… DONALD TRUMP… This is not a joke… This is not a SNL skit, this is real and it is happening…

I’m not a political pundit or anything, but I am concerned. I don’t know if Donald Trump can be “presidential” or whatever that means. As I’m watching his acceptance speech, I want to see if he is gracious and humble in his victory… Right now, the United States is divided and we need to cross party, racial, economic, gender, and religious lines to unify us. As the quote says


We need to be united, especially because there are so many other external powers that want to see us fail.

But on a lighter note… if you are stressed, come in for a massage! I’m in all week. I will be in on Veterans’ Day as well