September 1st, 2014

Happy Labor Day everyone… for those (like myself) that weren’t able to get the day off due to work… big shout outs to you all!!!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I hadn’t updated the blog for almost a month. No real good excuse about it other than I was lazy and on occasion busy with work…. or out having fun with my friends!!! One of my friends that I hung out with this past month, I hadn’t seen in probably almost 10 years… it was good to see him and catch up!

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had various athletes come in… a Spartan Race warrior, a few long distance paddlers, and a distance/trail runner. I think they’ve had varying levels of success pre and or post massage, so I’m glad I could do what I could help them with whatever they needed. It’s always fun to pick their brains on their motivations to participate in what I consider “crazy ass” activities. Some of it is to stay in shape as they get older, others just want to check it off their bucket lists, and some just do it because they like to do it! I definitely give them credit because after some weekends of just softball, I am wiped out!!!

So yes, September has rolled around and that means the start of football… college, the NFL, but mainly for me fantasy football! I’ve done more than my share of mock drafts and live ones… both standard and auction… Honestly, I’m ready for the actual season to start and have all this prognostication and predictions to end!

Also, FYI for anyone wanting to set up an appointment with me on Saturday. I will probably be out of the office around 2 to go to the Oregon State vs. Hawaii game. Yes, Hawaii gave all UW they could handle this past weekend, so I’m hoping for a decent game with my Beavers coming away with a comfortable victory!!!