September 8th, 2014

I’m back on the blog today… It was a slow day at the office, so I was able to listen to some ESPNradio1420. And honestly, I picked a pretty crazy sports news day to listen!

So there was the Ray Rice indefinite suspension. 100% warranted, no question… That penalty should have been levied from the jump. Domestic violence is reprehensible and there should be zero tolerance for it in any and every profession. I guess now, what the issue is, is the NLF’s handling of the situation, with the onus primarily on commissioner Roger Goddell.

So I was listening to Josh Pacheco on the radio this morning. I think he tried to be inflammatory and stir the pot like a Colin Cowherd, but whenever I listen to him, I don’t feel his conviction or any gravitas… It just seems like he enjoys hearing the sound of his voice. But I digress. Today, when discussing the Ray Rice situation, he felt that Roger Goddell should be removed immediately from his office as the commissioner. I believe if he executed a cover up of this “new video” and there is ACTUAL proof, then he should be removed. But honestly, as the public we “like the sausage, but we don’t wanna know how it’s made”… meaning, we probably do know there was some level of cover up, but we as the public will not REALLY wanna do something about it. We’re not going to boycott the NFL if we really find out Goddell was complicit, are we? I don’t know… If we the people are so against “bad people” in the NFL or any professional sports… or movie stars for that matter, there would be very few people and players we could root for…

So that was one big story… the other was that former University of Hawaii head coach June Jones had stepped down from SMU. They’ve been doing pretty bad this season, but this somewhat came as a surprise to the people there and enlivened debate of him returning to Hawaii.

I would like Hawaii’s football program to return to its prominence of the Colt Brennan years. (FYI, it was cool seeing him on that KISS arena football show… sucks that he couldn’t play, because it looked like he would have been the face of the franchise.) I don’t think that June Jones returning would bring about immediate success and I’m pretty sure it would come at a hefty pricetag as well. I don’t think Norm Chow has done the best job as head coach (and perhaps he was never head coach material to begin with), but I think they’re ok with the talent available to him; it’s his system that never jived with the players. I think he’s begun to transition his scheme to the players, but I doubt he is still around to see it fully implemented.

The way it seems to me, June Jones is probably burnt out from the SMU job, thanks to a large contract, equally large expectations, and probably constant scrutiny from those super critical Texas types. When he comes back here… He’ll have a large contract (maybe the highest paid state worker again), large expectations, and incessant scrutiny as well. I think that Norm Chow has a couple years left, and perhaps he finishes out the contract, so maybe the timeline will work out.

I personally think that Hawaii needs new blood to revitalize the program and rejuvenate the interest of the fans. I think that Nick Rolovich would make the best candidate for a future head coach of Hawaii. He’s become an established offensive coordinator with Nevada whose paid his dues and he knows the June Jones system but is still relavent and probably has new, ingenius tweaks to said system. And I’m pretty sure, he’ll come at a cheaper price tag… at least in the beginning! But that’s just me talking out of my ass…

So yeah… this is what happens when I don’t do anything at my office all day… brain just goes… But then, I came to this idea, since this should be a “massage blog”… all you new clients out there who have read this far, if you mention that you read my blog, you get your first one hour massage for $40. Let me repeat
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Woohoo!!!! Massages!!!