April 13, 2014

Alright, so after a pretty trying week two weeks, ago, things got back to normal at the office. I had a few of my regulars come back in for their maintenance massages. They always feel better when they leave, so that’s good. I really do appreciate them when they come in. During their time in the office, they often catch me up on their lives or just the things that are bothering them. I’m cool with that… it’s their hour for “therapy”, so while I can work on their sore backs, necks or what have you, they can also decompress and let go of the other non-physical stressors they may have. Honestly, sometimes they may need that more than the massage itself. People like to be listened to! And for the hour they’re in my office, I am a more than willing ear!

There are times I may be happier to see them than they are of me. Some times I need them to bounce ideas off of!!! And although I occasionally dwell on the difficult clients that may enter (and subsequently leave quickly from) my office, I never forget the awesome clients I have had the privilege of meeting throughout the time at my office.

Have a good week everyone!!!