April 3, 2014

Hey people reading this, it’s Aran… I dunno, I’ve had a rough day today at the office, so I decided to do something different… I thought I’d let you behind the curtain and share with you some of my thoughts about massage and maybe getting to know me better before coming in!

So anyways, a customer came in that really got to me. Here is what happened according to me

Client walks in to the office while on the phone… I say, “Hi, are you (her name)?”. Quietly, I point to the intake form and tell her can you fill this out. She sits and fills the form out. When she stands to give it to me, I ask her, “Do you need to go to the bathroom?” She says yes and I tell her outside and to your left. After a few minutes, she comes back in (still with her phone to her ear) and asks for her intake form and I ask why. She tells me, “Are you the one doing the massage too? Well, you are rude, on the phone and in person and with a smile, she adds, I’ll see you on yelp.”

See, yelp and I aren’t on the best of terms… I know, I’ve read ALL of them. Most are good; the people that like me, REALLY like me! But some have been less positive, some disparaging with some of the those attacking me personally. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that people are entitled to their opinion, but what I don’t like is that people feel like they have free reign to slash and burn a person or business with any repercussions.

I am a massage therapist by trade… I do massage. Having to set up appointments, that’s just what I have to do. I may not be the best at it, but I do the best I can. When people get to my office, at times, I should be nicer… sometimes I’m busy or just preoccupied with stuff on my mind, I’M HUMAN. I don’t say a lot at first because I want you to fill out our forms quickly… You’ve paid for an hour of massage, not to fill out forms and stuff. I ask questions quickly so you get on the table faster, so I can do the MASSAGE!!!

I’m not a dick… I care a lot about your well being and I take pride in helping people feel better… Come in for a massage and make up your own mind about me, don’t just believe the stuff people write on yelp about me. …

If you want to respond, feel free to write me at kahaleolamassage@hotmail.com