April 22, 2014

I have to say, it’s been a pretty good week and a half or so… thanks to the Good Friday/Easter weekend, I was able to stay relatively busy with a fun mix of returning clients and new one. But for all the good times, there was one person out there, as Thor’s brother Loki would say, was “burdened with glorious purpose” and decided to text me that I was a “horrible asshole”… After the past couple of difficult weeks, being called that by someone who knows nothing about me and what I do just made me laugh.

If being a “horrible asshole” means NOT answering the phone during a massage session or spending additional time to talk to my clients after their appointment, then yeah, by all means, that’s me!!! I have clients that encourage me to answer my phone calls or texts when it rings, but it’s just bad common courtesy… not to mention it breaks my massage flow! Unless it is of vital concern, I never answer the phone during session. If you pay for the massage, you get my undivided attention.

But no matter what it says on the outgoing voicemail message saying something to the effect that either we’re busy or in session, people will call, and call, and call, and call… and call… Currently the record is 15 calls without a message in a 30 minute span. (If you’re reading this,PLEASE don’t try to break that record!!!) It’s cool, leave a message, I will return your call… seriously!!!

So anyways, call or text, and set up an appointment!