November 29th, 2015

Ok, yeah, so I lied about staying current on the blog.. my bad… I guess my excuse was that I was busy the past few days with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and all that other madness, so yeah…

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Black Friday!!!

Happy start of the holiday season!!!

Earlier this month, there were the atrocities that occured in France which were horrible, but I hope that from these terrible events, the United States and the rest of the world will unite to erradicate these terrorists and those that want to disrupt our way of live!!!

.. And then there were the ripple effects of all this unrest in the Middle East with the possibility of Syrian refugees coming to the US but more specifically Hawaii and the uproar that created. There is no right answer to this and I will leave my position as that…

… And then there was the dismissal of Norm Chow… It was bound to happen and the time to act seems more than appropriate to me. I am more than happy to hear that our new coach with be Nick Rolovich!!! I think he brings a youthful energy to a program than is in full rebuild. I think he understands what the Hawaii football program needs and I believe he is more in touch with today’s players…

From the time June Jones left, I thought Rolo would have been the best choice (and really, wherever I talked about Hawaii football, I always said Rolo!!!), but I guess he needed to pay his dues and learn, which I definitely respect and understand.

Well, so now we are in full swing for the holiday season, hopefully I will try to post “more often”?