January 21th, 2016

Look, who’s come back in a realtively timely fashion

I’ll try not to hurt myself by patting myself on the back too much… but yeah, I’m here again…

So as the usual, I was doing a massage at the office today and the phone rings… no message. It rings again… again no message… at third time, same thing… and then a fourth time, same same.

I was just wondering what goes through people’s minds when they keep calling. I understand they want to get a massage and they call… but not enough to leave a message. But they call again… and still not leave a message… But then after the third time, wouldn’t you just leave a message? It’s like people WANT to become frustrated with us… or maybe just with me. Believe me, I want to provide my massage services to you, but I can’t if you don’t leave a message. So perhaps, I will propose this… in the next few weeks, if people call and don’t leave messages, I will text them back to see if they want to make an appointment. Sounds, kinda weird, I know, but maybe these people are just shy! HAHAHA!!!

Speaking of people who call back a lot… there’s this number
#808 524-6111. It calls my office just about every other day. However, THEY leave a message… 3 seconds of silence. I have no idea who it is or what they want. It’s pretty irritating and borderline offensive. So if you or someone you know has that number
MAKE AN APPOINTMENT or STOP CALLING!!!! Oh yeah, and then there’s the yelp peeps… they’re back at it again… new person, same spiel… bleh… They should do it for free and THEN call me to get in with them

But oh well, it’s almost the weekend!!! Come in for massages if you need to!!!