February 10, 2016

Hello… it’s me… I was wondering after all these years if you’d like to meet…

Ok, enough Adele… That song is really stuck in my head as I’m sure it’s in yours.

So did you all watch the Super Bowl… Oh, can I say Super Bowl? The “Big Game”… Some thought it was interesting (which it was), but I thought it’s because it was a sloppy game. Denver came to play. Kudos to Peyton Manning for not necessarily losing the game for the Broncos, but I think the biggest loser is Cam Newton. No it wasn’t the interview, or having his worst game of the season, it was the lack of effort on his fumble on the last drive of the game.

Was he in a bad position to get it? Perhaps… Would he have been hit really hard if he dove for it… I’m pretty sure he would’ve been hit hard MULTIPLE times. But do you think Petyon Manning would’ve went for it? Yes… Or Tom Brady? Russell Wilson? Or any of the other Super Bowl winning QBs? You damn right they would… and that’s why they won Super Bowls. They’d be willing to give it all for that ring. Cam made a business decision to not go for the ball. Even if he dove and didn’t get it, I’d have respect for him. For him to stand there and watch it happen… that’s NOT what makes for a champion.

Aside from that, the commercials were meh… the Doritos one was funny and a couple others made me chuckle, but nothing infinietly memorable. And that halftime show? Meh… Beyonce and Bruno stole it from Coldplay… who I think really had no business doing it. I would’ve thought maybe an American act to headline the golden anniversary of the Super Bowl. Lady Gaga though was impressive albeit unrecognizable visually and tonally.

Well Valentine’s Day is coming up and you know what that means… yeah, nothing really… So if you are like me here’s what you do… Netflix and chill… and watch The New Girl and/or Jessica Jones. Two diametrically opposite types of shows, but both really interesting. And then after that, watch some documentaries like Jiro Dreams of Sushi and Somm!

Or just come in for a massage!!!