October 23rd, 2016

Hey, welcome back…

So a lot of things have been happening recently … perhaps the biggest thing was the third and final Presidential debate. Politics is always one of those hot button topics, but I think with this Presidential campaign, politics has gone completely mainstream. The debates have been borderline skits taken straight from Saturday Night Live. All of Trump’s facial expressions and gesticulations are at times comical. It only gets scary when you think he really could be the United States’ next president. I am not saying Hillary Clinton is without her own set of issues, but good or bad, she is a politician through and through. She is what she is, the only difference is that she’s a Presidential candidate who happens to be a female

Ok, enough about that… I’m not sure if you all watch the Walking Dead on AMC… Season seven is lining up to be CRAZY!!! In episode one, we got to see the outcome of last year’s cliffhanger (that was a doozy…) and ANOTHER big thing happens (BIGGER DOOZY!!!) I won’t spoil it, so just watch.

FYI… people… if you call and I don’t answer… LEAVE A MESSAGE… or TEXT… don’t just keep calling and hanging up. I won’t break away from a massage to answer the phone