May 22, 2014

One of my regulars came in yesterday. He’s a coach so I wanted to pick his brain on his own personal coaching style, some tips, and strategies to get information through to the kids better. As we were talking, he told me to watch this show on the Esquire network. The show is called “Friday Night Tykes”… There’s one free episode on youtube (http
//… It maybe one of the craziest things I had ever seen in a LONG time… Imagine if you will, a combination of “Varsity Blues” and “The Program” with a bunch of 8 & 9 year olds… Like seriously, it’s ridiculous… You have to watch it to believe it.

Anyways, FYI for everyone out there, I will be in the office this Monday… I believe it is Memorial Day, so if you want to schedule something, please call ahead to ensure availability, you know, like tomorrow or Saturday.