March 8th, 2015

We are into March Madness already and I still haven’t done my taxes!!! Ugh… I’ve been busy, but honestly, it’s just been laziness morethan anything else. I guess I am so disinclined to do my taxes, I’m even doing something I’ve equally neglected in recent times, this BLOG!!!

More of the same old, same old for me this weekend. I did go to the Cheesecake Factory this past Friday for a birthday… Damn, they must make a LOT of money. I;ve been hearing that the kids from the Iolani JV team are doing well, so that’s good too!! Unfortunately, I had to buy a new phone because my old one crapped out, but now, I can do a lot more stuff… like play trivia crack!!!

Oh well, this week, we might be all over the place schedule wise. There’s a softball tounrament that I might play in if there’s no appointments, so definitely call ahead if you want to come in!