March 10th, 2017

Alrighty then….So now it’s MARCH!?!?

Sorry I’ve been away, but between doing my taxes, softball, and well, work… It’s been a little hectic… not overwhelming, just lots of little tasks to do.

March Madness is upon us… Good news the University of Hawaii men’s basketball team had their sanctions lifted… but unfortunately, they were bounced from the Big West tournament. For a “rebuilding year” they did pretty well, so props to them.

Lots of government stuff has been going on… and we’re just over that, so whatevers…

I just got work one of my friends is engaged… so congrats Liane for that!

The movies to watch are slowly coming to theaters… I’m looking forward to seeing Logan in the not too distant future…

St. Patrick’s Day is coming next week, so be careful out there!!!