June 1st, 2017

Well, hello there! Needless to say, I took a little break from the blog… no real good reason why, life just got in the way. Anyways, I am back… lots to catch up so, so here we go!

The summer movie season has arrived. While not necessarily a summer movie, I was able to watch Fate of the Furious… The eighth installment in the Fast and Furious franchise. If you like the franchise, this movie will be right up your alley… If you’re new to the series (you never watch FX, TBA, TNT, USA or pretty much any channel for that matter), go back and watch the old ones. It is relatively standalone, so it it still interesting even without previous information. I also saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. For the most part, I enjoyed it… but after thinking about it for a bit, I just felt like… you know that feeling of eating too many pieces of bacon, or one too many doughnuts… kinda of almost like that. You’re overloaded with almost too much of a good thing… weird I know. But if it definitely worth seeing and you making your own decisions on it. There are a lot more movies coming soon, so I’ll be watching many more!!!

The NBA finals are FINALLY here… I’m cheering for the Cavs…

I’m back helping one of my friends coach softball. That’s fun… but I should wear sunscreen to avoid my face peeling again.

Hmmm… well, I guess I didn’t have that much going on in the last two months… Eh, just come in we will find something to talk about while I find all your knots!