January 24th, 2017

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are all comfortably settling into 2017… Umm, yeah… probably not. As we all saw via all sources of social media… twitter, facebook, or the interwebs, we saw women’s march all across the United States and even in other countries… It was an awesome show of solidarity uniting various ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religions. Hopefully it is just the beginning and not just “the thing to do at the moment”.

For the new year, I’m started to throw stuff away that I don’t need or use. Good news is that while throwing stuff away, I also found movie tickets and other stuff I didn’t know I had. It is just the start, so I will keep you all posted on my progress!

The new client special is still in effect, so those that are regulars, tell your friends… new people reading this, what are you waiting for and come in!!!

The Super Bowl is set…. err, I mean the “big game”… am I gonna get sued for that? The evil empire that is New England is back… while the new upstart, Atlanta got in beating an all-time franchise in Green Bay. I’m cheering against Tom Brady and the Patriots, just because… Hopefully it will be a fun high scoring game with fun commercials in between!

Anyways… back to the grind…