January 22nd, 2018

So as I’ve been settling into the office, I’ve been watching this show Black Mirror in my down time. It’s on Netflix , so if you have it, you should check it out. It’s this show about how technology is used to create a dystopian future. But as we’ve all lived through in the past few weeks (the fake missile alert and the subsequent backlash), perhaps what I perceive is the “dystopian future” is actually coming to fruition.

In Black Mirror, there’s an episode where people use hashtags to identify a person they dislike. But thanks to an intelligent and crazy individual, the person the community hates is killed. And as we’ve seen with death threats to the person who accidentally set off the missile alert, people really do that!!! It’s crazy!!!

But aside from that, things seem to be going well at the office… there’s some restaurants I’ve been checking out around the airport.