We all know that massages feel GREAT!!!

But did you know...

The benefits of massage go well past the fifteen minutes after walking out of our office!!! Here are just a few example of how massage can benefit YOU!

Here are some of the PHYSICAL benefits you can receive from massage:

• Decreases tension in relaxed muscles
• Improves flexibility in stiff, tight muscles
• Promotes increased blood and lymph circulation, thus speeding up the healing process
• Helps to reduce hypertension (high blood pressure)
• Strengthening the immune system through the decrease of physical stressors on the body

Also are some of the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL benefits of massage:

• Assists in relieving mental stress and anxiety through relaxation
• May provide an avenue for emotional release
• Provides a feeling of being cared for
• Unifies the mind and body, making you more aware about yourself

**Research is constantly being done to provide scientific evidence to support the efficacy of massage.**




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